We know of the following issues in Sona:

  • Words that include punctuation or spaces and use the Cyrillic alphabet (где-то, потому что) are not yet supported in the scramble exercise or for the internet search function.
  • Diacritics found in languages such as Czech, Hawaiian, and Lithuanian may not display properly in the scramble exercise or internet search function.
  • The navigation slider in the 'edit list' screen may not display correctly in Windows XP. A workaround for XP users is to set your display to 'Classic Windows' style.
  • Languages using right-to-left scripts (Arabic, Hebrew) have not been thoroughly tested and are not yet officially supported.

Common issues

I double-clicked on "Unit_1_nouns.txt," but I get a text document with a lot of strange formatting.
Sona word lists contain special formatting, so they should be opened from within Sona. From the main menu screen, click on "open a list," and then choose your word list in the dialog box.

You can also drag a word list onto the open Sona menu screen, just under the ‘Open list’ button.
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I'm trying to open a list from the main menu, but it doesn't seem to load anything.

If you've downloaded a list from the internet, be sure that you've unzipped the file. For instructions on how to unzip a file in Windows XP, please see this site. On Mac OS X, just double-click the zipped file in the Finder to unzip it.
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I opened a word list, but can't hear any sound.
A few things to check:
  • If you're using Windows, be sure that you've downloaded and installed QuickTime.
  • Sounds are stored externally to the program. Make sure that you have sound files either a) in a folder named "media," which is in the same folder as your list, or b) in the same folder with your list, as in the following screenshots:


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