This trial version of Sona Vocabulary Assistant provides access to all features for 15 days, after which you can purchase a license to continue learning. Current version: 1.0.41 (October 6, 2009).
Sona Vocabulary Assistant for Mac OS X (8.4 MB - universal binary, for PPC and Intel Macs)

If your browser doesn't automatically unzip the file after downloading, just double-click the file. You may wish to drag it into your applications folder.
Sona Vocabulary Assistant for Windows (3.2 MB)

To begin using Sona on Windows, unzip the archive and double-click on Sona Vocabulary Assistant Setup.exe.

Note that Sona requires QuickTime for sounds to work properly. You can get QuickTime for free here.

Version History

October 6, 2009: Fixed minor issues involving completion of a list in the dictation activity, as well as minor issues involving autoplay of sounds in the multiple choice and flashcard activities; fixed bug in dictation activity in which lists with sounds included for some, but not all items, didn't load correctly.

September 22, 2009: Major improvements to Slideshow! Made the Slideshow window resizable; improved timing of transitions in Slideshow; added option for full-screen Slideshow window; also fixed an issue where some items dragged into the edit list screen didn't display properly in the Slideshow. Added installer for Windows version.

August 6, 2009: Fixed an issue where choosing File > Edit list.. worked only from the Menu screen; fixed a cosmetic issue involving the size of the thumbnail image for the first word in the Edit List screen; fixed an issue for proper display of first item in Edit List screen.

July 24, 2009: Fixed a minor bug involving creation of thumbnail images in Edit List screen.

July 22, 2009: Initial release!

July 16, 2009: Fixes to 15-day trial functionality and registration process.

June 19, 2009: Enhancements to drag and drop functionality in FrameChecker; choosing 'open file' while creating or editing a list now prompts users to save work in progress.

June 15, 2009: Major updates for automatic version checking. Added support for links to video clips. Fixed minor interface issues in ‘edit list’ screen for linking to sounds. Added image thumbnail for ‘edit list’ screen. Fixed bug involving accented characters in internet search feature in ‘review list’ screen. Minor enhancements to print/generate quiz feature.

.99q April 2, 2009: Fixed issues with purchase/register options; updated icons.

March 12, 2009: Added three new features: print/generate quiz, dictation, and recording studio. Other enhancements to display of images.

July 20, 2008: Added progress bar to main menu for when remote images are being downloaded.

July 19, 2008: Enhanced preloading of images stored remotely.

June 27, 2008: Adjusted display of image thumbnails so they don't hide part of the sample sentences.

June 14, 2008: Enhanced handling of images, which are now shown first as thumbnails (click them to see the full image in a separate window). Added option for list developers to copy sets of audio cues.

April 17, 2008: Fixed issue involving opening word lists using the File pulldown menu.

April 16, 2008: Fixed bug that could lead to corrupt files when using the slider in the 'edit list' screen; added drag-n-drop opening of word lists in main screen.

March 10, 2008: Fixes issue involving slideshow audio when using separate audio files for each item.

February 26, 2008: Fixed bug involving saving of lists from the lists editing screen. If you create lists in Sona, please be sure to download this update!

February 15, 2008: Set memory tiles game to replay audio when user clicks again on target language tile. Fixed minor issues involving disabled pulldown menu items. Added horizontal scroll bar to list in Review List screen. .99h1 fixes bug that disabled saving when editing lists.

January 14, 2008: Added option to be prompted in the target language or the user's native language to multiple choice screen. Added 'select all' option for editing entries in the 'Edit List' screen. Updated recordkeeping options for USC Russian students.

September 25, 2007: Enhanced recordkeeping for USC students. Added informational messages for situations when media files aren't found, or if user tries to open a zipped list, and for users on Windows without QuickTime.

September 3, 2007: Enhanced workaround so that items in Cyriilic that include punctuation aren't included in the scramble exercise; record keeping routine no longer activated if user hasn't logged in.

August 31, 2007: Enhanced login to show name after successful login.

August 29, 2007: Added login screen for USC Russian students; implemented session tracking.

August 16, 2007: Added application icons to the Windows and Mac versions.

August 1, 2007: Fixed cosmetic problems involving font sizes in Slideshow on Windows.

July 13, 2007: Increased flexibility for storing external media; enhanced options for sound playback in Slideshow; enhanced shortcuts for greater precision in setting sound cues in FrameCatcher; cosmetic improvements for View List window. Bug fixes involving shortcut for example sound in Review List, unnecessarily hiding text after incorrect matches in Memory Tiles

June 13, 2007: A few bug fixes for inserting and deleting items in the Edit List screen; minor enhancements to keyboard shortcuts in the FrameChecker screen.

June 7, 2007: Added Insert Item and Delete Item options to Edit List screen. Minor enhancements to FrameChecker screen.

May 28, 2007: Cosmetic fixes to FrameChecker buttons and Edit List screen. Added alert for Windows users without QuickTime.

May 26, 2007: Enhancements to FrameChecker screen, including keyboard shortcuts and graphic design; fixed bug that had allowed empty entries to be saved while editing lists; added Slideshow section; redesigned toolbar buttons for several screens; added word list window for quicker navigation while editing lists.

April 13, 2007: Numerous enhancements to list-creation screen, including bug fixes for embedding web links in non-Latin text; a navigation slider for moving within the list; warnings on lists that haven't been saved.

March 2, 2007: Additional enhancements for saving word lists on Windows.

Feb. 28, 2007: Fixed problem that prevented saving word lists on Windows; changed appearance of buttons in FrameChecker screen.

Feb. 26: Added functionality for including web links in the Review List screen.

Feb. 12: Fixed bug that prevented Mac version from opening certain .txt files.
Rebuilt Memory Tiles game to allow use of colored letters to indicate stress.
Adjusted sound routines so that when a sound is associated with an example, but not with a word, the example sound plays automatically.
Added preferences pane for internet search to allow users to choose between Google, Yahoo, and searches.
Several cosmetic changes, most importantly a larger screen size.

Nov. 6: Fixed bug involving the number of items in Multiple Choice screen when working in that section for the first time after opening the program.

Oct. 26: Fixed bug in reviewing only missed words in Multiple Choice screen.
Added Preferences screen to allow students to turn off automatic display of images, playing of sounds, and pop-up lists (in Matching Tiles screen).
Fixed bug so that Multiple Choice screen doesn't get stuck on translations with accent marks.
Enabled sound files for second examples in Multiple Choice screen.
Inserted placeholders for About.. and Help menu items.
Renamed Windows version to "Sona" for Windows systems that couldn't open files with diacritics.
Be sure to download the QuickStart guide as well!