Sona List Converter
The free List Converter lets you convert tab-delimited text files into a format compatible with Sona Vocabulary Assistant.

Once your list has been converted, of course, you can add all the features of Sona Vocabulary Assistant, including multiple examples of usage, notes, video, up to 4 sounds per item, links to segments of a sound or video, and web links.

List Converter currently supports items with a target word, one or two translations, an example sentence, a sound, and an image. Each of these should be on the same line, as in the examples below; you can indicate the order of items in the List Converter so that Sona Vocabulary Assistant will know where to put each item.
Sona List Converter for Mac OS X (2.5 MB - universal binary, for PPC and Intel Macs)

If your browser doesn't automatically unzip the file after downloading, just double-click on You may want to drag it into your applications folder.
Sona List Converter for Windows (1.2 MB)

To begin using Sona List Converter on Windows, unzip the archive and double-click on Sona List Converter.exe.
Version History
August 1, 2009: Added support for Unicode (tested with Russian, Hindi). Added progress bar.

July 29, 2009: Initial release. Unicode support not yet implemented.