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Finding Examples of Usage

Russian verbs often do not correspond to a single English equivalent, so it's important to see examples in context.

To see examples of usage, select a verb in the Глаголы tab, then choose a tense (or Notes) in the tense list screen.

Examples of usage are shown beneath the forms (1). Note that not all tenses have examples in the initial version of the app; we will be adding more examples of usage in coming updates. Examples drawn from the Russian National Corpus (Национальный корпус русского языка) are marked НКРЯ (2).

Viewing examples in the Russian National Corpus

You can tap НКРЯ to go directly to the relevant page of the Russian National Corpus. When viewing an example there, tap ←...→ after the quote to see the example in an expanded context. Tap the "back" button in the navigation bar to return to Glagoly.