Глаголы Glagoly Russian Verb Assistant for iPhone and iPod touch
  • over 400 verbs in all forms
  • imperfective and perfective aspects
  • search in Russian or English
  • extensive notes on usage
  • tips on spelling rules, consonant mutations, case government, endings for all forms, and best practices for study
  • hundreds of examples in context drawn from contemporary and classical literature, blogs, and more
  • designed by a Ph.D. in Slavic Linguistics with 10 years of teaching experience

If you’re serious about Russian, you already know that the verbal system is a challenge. Let Glagoly guide you through the intricate and subtle world of Russian verbs!

User comments:
  • "Congratulations for creating such a useful and intelligent app. It's worth every cent spent."
  • "Glagoly is a very impressive app that has really helped with learning and understanding the verb aspect of the Russian language! Verbs and their conjugation are typically the most difficult concept to grasp for native English speakers, but this has proven to be a great guide and tool in my goal of mastering Russian! 5 *****"
  • "I believe that it is an invaluable resource for any Russian student. I have spent a great deal of money on Russian tools in the past, and they have not been nearly as helpful as what you created."